Creative Academy Of The Performing Arts

Our philosophy at the Creative Academy of the Performing Arts is that all children should be in a positive, literacy-rich, and nurturing environment while being taught through the Performing Arts. We intend for all of our students to grow and become the best, most confident versions of themselves.

Research show that children who sing, dance, act, and play are four times more likely to be honor students in academics when compared to their non-performing peers. In addition, children who are active in Performing Arts programs enhance their cognitive, motor, and social development skills. Children who perform on stage are quick thinkers and learn to adapt easier to their surroundings.

It is our intent for parents to understand that their child’s best interest, safety, and education are our main focus and priority. We will diligently work to bridge the gap between home, school, and our community no matter the race, gender, religion, or disability of the children and their families.

-Creative Academy of the Performing Arts

Benefits of studying performing arts...

Learning-Styles Creativity
Through creative expression students learn to understand the world in a unique way, preparing them to navigate the challenges after school.
Preschool children doing activities. Self-Confidence
Through the performing arts, children learn to communicate effectively and connect with others intellectually and emotionally.
GettyImages_160018846-56a13d863df78cf77268b11b Communication Skills
Students will learn vital communication skills to use verbal and non-verbal techniques in new ways to deliver their message.
children-holding-globe Collaboration
Performing arts is a discipline that encourages teamwork, whether that is in writing, creating or during the act of performing.
educational hours
dedicated teachers
students enrolled
evening sessions
lives changed

Meet our Staff

Our teaching staff is comprised of experienced and loving teachers who love children, are passionate about making a difference in the life of each child and are dedicated to planting seeds of faith in the minds and hearts of youth.

Owner & Director
Office Manager
Home School Teacher
Theater, Music, Dance
Assistant Teacher

We want to help make your experience at CAPA Academy a great one! Contact us to ask any questions you may have.